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HIGHGATE SHOW AND HUNTER JACKETS are Pemberley Equestrian's own brand that has evolved over a period of time to encompass all the desirable features in the one jacket.


FABRICS - Traditional English jackets are made of wool sourced from the best Scottish woollen mills and whilst they are of superb quality they can be too warm for our Australian climate.  If the fabric is too light it doesn?t sit properly, making the jacket look cheap.  So, the ongoing challenge is to find suitable fabrics that don?t cost the earth.  All Highgate fabrics are lightweight but of sufficient quality and weight to sit beautifully yet are cool enough for our summer shows.  They are either pure wool, wool/silk blend or wool/polyester blend. 


STYLING - The jacket is a slim fit style with narrower sleeves that don?t dominate the picture and make the whole jacket look cheap and ill-fitting.  The front bottom corners are slightly swept away to remove bulk when sitting on the horse. 


LENGTH - The length of ready to wear jackets is difficult to get right as you have to cater for tall riders as well as shorter riders, so purchasers may need to have the length altered to suit.  Also, the sleeves have a generous hem, which is particularly important for children, as they seem to grow so quickly, so letting the sleeves down can give you more wear from a jacket. 


NAVY JACKETS - There are three navy wool fabrics to choose from.  A dark navy with a fine herringbone pattern, a classic plain navy wool twill and a plain lightweight navy wool. 


HUNTER JACKETS - There are several fabrics currently available.   A navy/mustard houndstooth check with navy velvet trim.  A blue/grey houndstooth check with navy velvet trim.  A brown check with cream, rust and black overcheck and black velvet trim.  A dark olive fabric with subtle red and gold overcheck.  There are more jackets in different fabrics coming soon. 


WAISTCOATS - These are available in any of the above fabrics.  


CUFF TRIM - This design is exclusive to Highgate jackets - three buttons set on a strip of velvet - a stylish but subtle feature.  


VELVET TRIM - The velvet trim comes standard but jackets can be ordered without trim if desired.  Velvet is currently available in navy, brown and black.  However there are many colours available for trim to make your jacket truly your own - contact us for more details.  


BUTTONS - These can also be co-ordinated to individual taste.  Options are navy, brown or black foxheads, silver, gold or bronze coloured metal buttons, leather buttons and enamel buttons. There are many to choose from. 


SIZING - jackets are sized to English chest sizing - for example, a size 34 is a ladies 34 inch chest measurement.  But rather than increasing in size by 2 inch increments, Highgate jackets increase in one inch increments, therefore providing a more accurate fit.  


Ladies -

Size 32 - size 8/childs 14

Size 34 - size 10

Size 36 - size 12

Size 38 - size 14

Size 40 - size 16


Childrens - 

Size 30 - childs 12/ladies 6

Size 28 - childs 10

Size 26 - childs 8

Size 24 - childs 6

Size 22 - childs 4


Mens jackets are available to order - $395. 


DELIVERY - if jackets are not in stock, delivery will be approx. 4 weeks.  



Children's jackets - $375

Adult's jackets - $395

Waistcoats - $95




This fabric (wool/polyester blend) is a herringbone tweed in mustard and navy colours.  The jacket has navy velvet trim and navy foxhead buttons.  Available in limited sizes.  This fabric is no longer available.

Sizes available - 
Childs - 28, 29, 30, 31.

Adults - 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38.

Dark olive with subtle red and gold overcheck.  Wool/polyester blend fabric, navy velvet trim, navy foxhead buttons.  Can be made to order in any size, with or without velvet trim.  

Sizes available in stock -

Childs - 30.

Adults - 33, 34, 35, 36.

This fabric (wool/polyester blend) features brown, cream, rust and black colours.  Black velvet trim.  Black foxhead buttons.  This is a size 34 (Ladies size 10).  One only.


This jacket is in a blue/grey/dark green toned houndstooth check.  Navy velvet trim and navy foxhead buttons.  Wool/polyester blend fabric.  Sizes available - 

Childs - 28, 29, 31.

Adults - 36.


Navy jackets - there are several navy fabrics available - pure wool or wool/polyester blends.  They have navy velvet trim and buttons are either navy foxheads, silver or gold.  Buttons can be changed to suit your requirements.  Sizes available - 

Childs - 28, 30, 31.

Adults - 32, 34, 35, 38, 38.


Waistcoats are available to order in any size, fabric and button finish.

Price - $95.